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About Class Roofing
About Class Roofing

Your Best Residential Roofing Company in Hockessin, DE and the Tri-State Area

From gutter repair to new roof installation, Class Roofing has you covered.

At Class Roofing, our mission is to deliver high-quality roofing systems with friendliness, pride in our work, and company character. We’re dedicated to providing the best customer experience possible, striving to exceed your expectations every day. From excellent workmanship to proactive customer care, we’re here to protect your home, roof, and family. We set a standard of exceptional quality and transparency for our customers’ peace of mind, and we do this for each home improvement project, regardless of its nature.

Here at Class Roofing, our team is pushing the limits of possibility in roofing to modernize the industry and revolutionize the customer experience. Our ambition to create such an experience and enact change is rooted in our mission and executed with our core values—which are instilled, without exception, in all decisions and actions made as a company.

Whether your roof has seen better days or you’re looking to upgrade your home and gutters in style, Class Roofing provides the best roofing solutions and gutter services in Delaware.

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For Roofing Projects, Get the Best in Class

Your home is your most valuable asset. Make sure you take care of it now, so it’s there for you in great condition every day for years to come.

For Roofing Projects, Get the Best in Class

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Matt Tomczak, Owner

A lifelong Delaware native, Matt graduated from Wilmington University with a Master’s in Finance, but after almost a decade of working in the banking and finance industry, decided it was time for a change. Roofing was never his end goal, but as many roofers say, “I didn’t have to choose roofing because roofing chose me”.

Matt started his journey towards establishing Class Roofing when he married into a family of roofers and found an opportunity to help grow a small, locally owned roofing company. He says the best part of his job was getting to work and train with his father-in-law, Mike, who has 35 years of experience in roofing. During this time, Matt learned a lot about roofing, but most importantly, he learned what was missing and how the industry could be enhanced.

In 2022, Matt started Class Roofing. He chose “Class” as a symbol of raising the bar within the industry and striving to do better every day in ways that exude excellence. Our company culture supports this vision by creating a workplace that attracts individuals looking to enact positive change within the industry and service communities. We build our staff with the best people and talent both in and out of the roofing industry. Matt believes homeowners deserve an outstanding customer experience supported by quality products and full transparency and is dedicated to providing that with every Class Roofing project.

Our Mission

To go above and beyond to make roofing an enjoyable experience. As true professionals in our field, we make it our duty to ensure our customers are always well taken care of and at ease. We do so by promising a personalized experience for every customer, remaining transparent about key project updates, always getting the job done right the first time and ensuring our customers are happy—even long after the installation is complete.

Our Vision

To redefine what it means to put a roof over one’s head. Always working with class, we will create opportunities to help those in need, foster a nurturing work environment and become the household name in exceptional roofing and customer service across Delaware and the Philadelphia tri-state area.

Class Roofing Values


Competitive Spirit

We challenge one another to grow every single day.


Lasting Legacy

We make every experience one the customer will remember.



If something goes wrong, we always make it right.


Superior Standards

“Passable” won’t do—we demand excellence.



We give back to our communities through charity and volunteering.

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Quality Care for Your Roof & Gutters

Roofing services from Class Roofing protect your home and family with quality materials and valuable workmanship. Contact us today to get started on your roofing project.

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