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A partial view of poorly maintained shingles covered in bright green alga.

Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Roof in First-Class Condition

Our homes—and especially our roofs—protect us from the elements, standing against whipping winds, the erosion of rain, the icy damage of snow, and the blazing heat of the sun. Over time, these forces wear down the materials that make up these protective structures, which is why we take care to maintain them and look for any damage during routine home maintenance chores.

Class Roofing has collected this list of the 5 most important tips to ensure your roof lives a long life. These tips will also reduce greater maintenance costs that can build up over time and turn into expensive and disruptive problems. 

Learn How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Roof

A new roof is a smart investment for the value of your home and the safety of your family. But if you’ve just installed a roof, or if your roof still has some good years left in it, you’ll want to ensure its proper care so that it protects the underlying structure for as long as possible. Follow the steps below during your regular home maintenance routine.  

1. Clean Up Debris on Your Roof’s Surface

Falling debris is your roof’s number one enemy. Leaves, pine cones or needles, branches, and other detritus are all capable of damaging or dislodging the outermost materials of your roof if you have shingles, tiles, or panels. This damage may happen when they first fall on your roof or as they’re moved around by the elements and creatures over time. 

More importantly, gathered natural debris will frequently lead to damp patches perfect for moss and the accumulation of mold or mildew. These are even more likely to cause damage and interfere with the structural integrity of your roof. To prevent damp spots and any unwanted growth, regularly clear your roof of fallen debris. 

2. Maintain Your Gutters

It’s one of the least popular chores, but maintaining gutters is crucially important to the overall health of your roof and your home. Gutters that overflow or leak aren’t doing their job right, which can lead to structural damage. Keeping your gutters in good condition will promote proper drainage and reduce the likelihood of problems that can deteriorate the materials of your roof and the rest of your home. 

Clean your gutters regularly, look over them for damage, and ensure there is nothing blocking water flow or causing leaks. If you notice any issues, our expert roofing team provides gutter repair and new gutter installation

3. Treat Green & Damp Patches

Heat and moisture can decrease the effectiveness of your roofing system, including your insulation, which is why elements like gutters and ventilation are so important to a healthy roof. But if not properly maintained, heat and moisture can lead to unhealthy growth on your roof—as we mentioned in Step 1, mold, mildew, and moss or algae will happily make a home on the damp surface of your roof. 

While algae is not structurally problematic, it can be an eyesore, and you shouldn’t be complacent about assuming anything growing on your roof is harmless. Mold, mildew, and moss are indicators of high moisture levels, which may be a signal of dangerous structural damage to your roof. Cleaning your roof regularly with specialized cleaning solutions designed for this purpose will help prevent these problems from developing. 

4. Trim Branches Near Your Roof

This step will help prevent debris from accumulating in patches and reduce the likelihood of algae, moss, and mold growing on the surface of your roof. You’ll enjoy the added benefit of cleaner gutters. Pruning branches also protects your roof from potential damage during severe storms, as it reduces the number of branches likely to break off and damage your roof.  

5. Inspect After A Storm

If you inspect your roof after heavy storms, you’re more likely to notice any damage as soon as it happens. You’ll be able to catch potential structural damage before it causes greater issues within your home. 

This can be an especially important part of home maintenance in the long run, as you will be more accustomed to looking at your roof in good condition, so anything in poor condition will stand out. Worried you won’t know what to look for? Contact the Class Roofing team for a professional roof inspection to ensure your home and family are in the best hands. 

Roof Maintenance Safety 

You may think you’re capable of climbing up on your roof and inspecting it on your own, but proper roofing care requires training and licensing. Many people harm themselves by trying to walk on the dangerous and unfamiliar surface of their roof without proper experience or knowledge. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2021, there were 370 work-related construction fatalities due to falls, slips, and trips. It’s best to do visual inspections from the ground, and hire licensed roofing contractors for any extensive or up-close work. 

The Necessity of Reliable Roofing Maintenance

A roofing professional will be able to determine if your old or damaged roof is in need of replacement. If repairs are necessary, it can sometimes be more cost-effective to simply replace the roof when the damage is extensive or your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan. By trusting the reputable roofing technicians at Class Roofing, you can rest assured that we will provide you with only the best options that suit the precise needs of your home. 

Class Roofing Means Exceptional Roofing Service

From checking the chimney to keeping an eye on the condition of your shingles, we can help you determine if your roof is still in good condition or if it needs replacement. We pride ourselves on providing thorough, honest service for an exceptional customer experience. As a family-owned business with a team of experienced professionals, we offer best in class workmanship and truly thorough care. 

Class Roofing: Your Roofing Contractor Company in Newark, DE

Serving Newark, DE, and the surrounding areas with first-class work, materials, and service experiences that keep your family safe and protect the value of your home. Our top-rated roofing systems will put your mind at ease. To speak with one of our team members, call us at (302) 205-4828 or (484) 289-3022 and arrange your service visit.

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