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Professional roofers wearing safety equipment install a new roof on a beautiful home.

4 Signs You Need a New Roof in Newark, DE

Homes in the Delaware Valley are exposed to a variety of intense weather conditions. From unpredictable amounts of snow in winter to the harsh sun in the humid summer months, your roof protects your home and family from the elements and retains heating and cooling as needed. But over time, the materials of your roof will start to deteriorate, making them less effective and putting your home at risk. 

Whether you notice these damages or not, they slowly accumulate, and when your roof reaches the end of its lifespan, your home will require a new roof installation. Protect your loved ones and belongings with professional roof installation from Class Roofing. Keep reading to learn information from our team about new roofs, roof lifespans, and realistic roofing costs. 

How to Know When You Need a New Roof

Your roof is arguably the most important part of your home. It keeps the elements out, retains conditioned air, and protects your home’s overall structure. For these reasons, it’s critical to maintain and inspect your roof regularly to prevent property damage and health risks. But when doing this roof upkeep, you may notice some key indicators that your roof is in need of more than just a light repair. 

If your roof needs frequent repairs or is reaching the end of its lifespan, it may be time for a new roof

How Long is the Lifespan of a Roof in Delaware? 

Throughout Newark, DE and the surrounding areas, a well-constructed roof made of quality materials will often last 20 to 25 years. During this time, severe weather conditions, pests, tree branches, or debris may damage your roof’s materials and some of these problems, like thermal shock, will shorten the lifespan of your roof. A reputable roofing contractor will be able to assess any damage, make necessary repairs, and advise you on the lifespan of your roof.

What are the Signs that a Roof is at the End of its Lifespan?

1. Shingles Show Excessive Wear

Shingles that are curled at the edges, torn, or missing in spots, can indicate that your roofing materials are past their life expectancy. When cleaning gutters, we recommend checking for noticeable amounts of shingle granules, which can signify that shingles are no longer sufficiently withstanding the elements and protecting the home. 

2. Frequent Leaks

Any leak in your roof is a sign that it is not functioning properly. But if your roof requires multiple repairs per year, it’s very likely time to replace the materials entirely. Water entering your home can mean big problems for the structural integrity of the building and can put you at greater risk for damage, harm, and more expensive repairs. It is much smarter and safer to replace your roof when repairs aren’t cutting it any longer. 

3. Sagging Roof Deck

A trained roofing contractor can identify the cause of your roof sagging and may be able to supply repair options. But often, a sagging roof deck is a sign of larger structural problems that require the thorough, long-term solution of a new roof installation. 

4. Mold & Fungi

Excessive growth of mold, mildew, and fungi on a roof can indicate rot within the materials. In some cases, repair may be possible, but if the materials have deteriorated beyond a certain point, a new roof is the smarter, safer option. Plus, better materials may be able to prevent the issues that led to the rot issue in the first place. 

Repair vs. Replacement

A trained roofing professional can evaluate roof repair costs and compare them to roof replacement costs. At Class Roofing, we take the time to carefully cover our clients’ best options to propose solutions that meet their home’s needs and their aesthetic desires while providing long-term solutions to roofing problems. Contact our team today for an inspection, roof repair service, new roof installation, or free roof consultation. 

How to Calculate the Cost of Your New Roof 

Class Roofing offers an accurate, customizable tool to quote your roofing project. From roof size to roofing materials, you can explore roofing cost options that make your project more straightforward and customized to your needs. Try our roof quote tool today!

Class Roofing Delivers Exceptional Service

At Class Roofing, we pride ourselves on making the roof installation process as easy and convenient as possible for you and your family. We go above and beyond to care for your home as we keep you abreast of every phase of the project. We pride ourselves on transparency, thoroughness, and quality workmanship, no matter the size of the job. Contact us today to speak with a team member and book your free roofing consultation

Class Roofing: Residential Roofing Company in Newark, DE

Class Roofing is dedicated to providing the most seamless, comfortable roofing experience for every roofing project. We’re proud to serve Newark, DE and the surrounding areas with expert service and high-quality work that keeps families safe and makes homeowners happy. Call Class Roofing at (302) 205-4828 or (484) 289-3022 to speak with a team member to arrange your service visit as soon as possible.

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