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A bird’s eye view of a new roof being installed on a home.

Installing a New Roof: What You Need to Know

Installing a new roof is a big undertaking that offers a variety of benefits for your family and to the value of your property. No matter if you’re constructing a new roof from scratch or replacing your roof entirely, it’s good to understand the installation process. Learn the steps and safety measures to of how the roofing project will affect your home and family.

Know What to Expect from Your Roof Installation Project

Class Roofing is a roofing company dedicated to providing the most seamless and simple roofing experience possible for our clients. We make the roof installation process easy with white glove service that puts your care and comfort first. By staying in constant communication with you, we offer peace of mind and ensure your project meets or exceeds your expectations. When you reach out to arrange service, our first step is to discuss your plans and assess your home. 

Initial Consultation 

At Class Roofing, our technicians form personal connections with our clients. Your point of contact will be consistent throughout the entirety of the project, and their work starts with a visit to your home. We will assess your current roof, or discuss the plans for your new construction home, reviewing different roofing options and helping you select the right materials based on structural demands and your aesthetic preferences.

The size of the project and the selected materials will determine how much your project will cost, and Class Roofing is proud to offer transparency when it comes to roof design and prices. 

New Roof Installation Cost Calculator

Ensure your home improvement project is streamlined from the start by using Class Roofing’s roof quote tool. This calculator makes the planning process easy by assessing roof size, roofing materials, and price packages—explore your customized options today. 

Project Initiation

Once you have a desired plan and understand what your project will entail, it’s time to get to work! When you hire Class Roofing, that means: 

  • A reminder about your service appointment 
  • Worksite dumpster arriving the day prior to your appointment
  • A prompt and friendly technician arriving on time for your service call
  • Reviewing your needs 
  • Constant communication

Roof Installation Safety

Home makeover shows and modern online guides may make roof installation look easy but in reality, it requires thorough knowledge, training, and experience to install a roof correctly. Working on a roof without training is dangerous, and if a roof is installed incorrectly, it can lead to structural issues, higher energy bills, and health concerns. Certified roofing professionals offer a level of certainty and expertise that ensures the safety of your home and family, and at Class Roofing, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional level of service. Our trained team will work quickly and carefully to create a roof that suits your home, improves curb appeal, and protects your family for years to come. 

New Roof Installation Process

The new roof construction process follows these steps:

  1. Setup to protect your landscaping and the structure of your home
  2. Removal of old roofing material 
  3. Assessing roof elements and problem areas during work
  4. Installing the drip edge & putting down underlayment
  5. Installing new roof materials on the outermost layer
  6. Project closeout & cleanup

Roof Project Cleanup

One of the most important steps of a roofing project happens after your new roof is installed: cleanup. During your project, materials will be hauled across your yard and any discarded elements will be placed in a project dumpster. Some of these materials may be sharp or dangerous if lost, making it especially important to hire a roofing company you can trust to care for your property and your loved ones. 

At Class Roofing, we pride ourselves on our high standards for thoroughness and cleanliness. We know our cleanup services ensure the safety of your pets, children, neighbors, and guests, which is why we use a powerful magnet across your yard to attract any loose nails or other metal roofing materials. This cleanup visit will occur promptly after we’ve completed your project and will include hauling away the project dumpster so you can enjoy your updated home in peace as quickly as possible. Your Class Roofing point of contact will use this final visit to discuss any lingering questions you may have to ensure your satisfaction. 

Class Roofing Provides Quality Roofing Services

From gutter installation to roof replacement and repair, Class Roofing makes your roofing project an easy and worry-free experience. Our service technicians make your care our top priority, providing respect, transparency, and thorough communication throughout every stage of your project. Get in touch with our team today to book your free roofing consultation

Class Roofing: New Roof Contractors in Newark, DE

The Class Roofing team is proud to serve Newark, DE and the surrounding areas with exceptional service and care. Our reliable, friendly technicians make your home improvement project stress-free and straightforward to keep your life running smoothly. Book your service today by calling (302) 205-4828 or (484) 289-3022 to speak with a team member. 

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